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About Our Company

PsychApps International is a small, self-funded company, generating much needed psychological apps for smart phones and tablets. The apps are the invention of Psychologist of twelve years, Deli Baker. She says: The Apps we make will always be warm and engaging for example, predominantly video rather than text & 'tick a box'. They are well informed & practical, appealing to a wide cross section of people.

We currently have a suite of three Apps called Suicide Prevention Kit (SPK), designed to be the affordable help you need, when you need it, in the palm of your hand. Our goal is to provide 'another option' - for some this will be a chosen alternative to traditional service, in the first instance. For others SPK may be the only thing available due to remoteness or service shortfalls such as over nights or on weekends when suicidal crisis is common.

Unfortunately, PsychApps Int P/L cannot provide crisis support beyond the Apps themselves. Anyone needing crisis assistance is urged to contact their nearest crisis support service (this may be a national help line or emergency service).

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R U Suicidal

A video-based, interactive self-help tool for anyone having thoughts about suicide.

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Is S/O Suicidal?

A video-based, interactive tool for anyone who thinks someone else may be having suicidal thoughts and wants to help.

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Did someone you know suicide

Did S/O Suicide?

A video-based, interactive self-help tool for anyone who has lost someone to suicide.

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